ArthImpact, Economic prosperity, Wealth creation.
The pursuit of arth is considered an important aim of life in traditional Hindu philosophy.


ArthImpact helps people pursue their dreams by making it easy and affordable to manage money. ArthImpact offers small monthly loans starting from INR 2000 upto INR 1 Lakh to small and medium sized enterprises in cases when they want to stock up for an eventful sale or store renewal or a simple cashflow mismatch. ArthImpact partners with merchant aggregators to identify and assess borrowers. The business is driven by the objective of not only empowering 6 million Indians who do not have access to mainstream loan/banking but also making the service available at the tip of their fingers.



ArthImpact aims to solve a real life problem that many merchants & individuals face to meet their regular financial gaps.



Built with cutting-edge technology, the entire process has become 100% paperless, enabling instant approval and disbursement.


Designed for humans

We believe simplicity is graceful & we have made the process so simple & easy that one doesn’t need to know banking to get a loan from ArthImpact.


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Our Constituents


Happy offers small monthly loans starting from INR 2000 upto INR 1 Lakh that help in situations when you either want to bank on an opportunity on your way or have an unseen expense on the way!

Everyone of us is in pursuit of Happyness & it may be surprising for most of us that happyness is found in the small things of life. Happy Loans offers micro credit to micro customers who may be merchants, housewives or students for as short as 30 days. Happy aims to spread happyness to 6mn people who do not have access to mainstream banking. These loans are not only affordable but very flexible with the tenure. India's smartest end-to-end digital lending brand, Happy, is making an arthic(economic) impact in a micro customer's life everyday.

  • Efficient

    Aadhar card, Pan card & selfie is all we need to verify you. No lengthy documentations, get a loan in just a few clicks.

  • Affordable

    At just 2%, you have got extra fuel for the month.

  • More is Better

    If you continue to take loans & maintain the repayment cycle your interest rate & loan amount gets sweeter. You can enjoy reduced interest rates & increased loan amount basis your repayment cycle.

Arth Lab

ArthLabs is an automated platform for small businesses. It has served over 700,000 captive small businesses through partnerships with distributors, payments providers, etc. It specialises in the assesment with its unique proprietary scoring model and monitoring based on real-time, validated sales data. It facilitates real-time disbursement into borrower bank accounts and e-wallets, with near daily repayments from partners.


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Our Story

ArthImpact want to make a revolutionary offering for more than 600mn people who do not have access to mainstream loan/banking in India by offering small loans for their regular life. Money should never inhibit an individual's desire.



Asking a friend or a family member for some quick cash can be socially embarrassing, These loans encourage financial independence.


Improve Credit score

If one has never taken a loan, ArthImpact will be very happy to offer a loan. Customers can improve their credit score with in-time repayment for a better loan facility for future needs.



Two clicks and the money is straight in the bank account. Merchants have business to take care of, so we do all the work to get them a hassle-free loan



I have never experienced such a smooth credit facility. Zero paperwork is so advanced & impressive. I am willing to take the loan again.

Gaurav Narula

Loan Amount: ₹ 80,000


I was so surprised to see the loan amount in my bank account within a day. The interest rate is negligible for the service offered


Loan Amount: ₹ 40,000

I needed money for personal use & this credit facility came in so handy. I was happy I didn’t have to go to my father or my friend to ask for money.

Sakshi Mehra

Loan Amount: ₹ 20,000


I took a loan for the first time & it was so easy.
I am excited that now I am eligible for a higher loan for my business

Prashant Sinha

Loan Amount: ₹ 50,000




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    Manish Khera CEO & Co-Founder

    Entrepreneur, Investor & a Movie buff

    CEO- Airtel Payment Bank, Fino Paytech. Joint General Manager - ICICI bank Entrepreneur & Investor & at YTS Solutions, Mera doctor, Dhanax, Farmart

    • Pioneer in digital payments & finance in India.
    • Founded Alternate Channels at ICICI Bank (’04).
    • Founded FINO Paytech (’06), India’s first large payment network, serving 60+ million customers. Brought in 26 banks, Blackstone, IFC, Intel Capital etc. as investors and led FINO MD & CEO until 2013.
    • Invested in YTS Solutions, a mobile banking platform and sold it to Bharti Airtel in 2015.
    • MD & CEO of Airtel Payments Bank, the first payments bank to receive RBI license (’15-’16).
    • Investor & Advisor in several bank, technology and impact related ventures – Dhanax, Mera Doctor, YTS , Farmart, Ambee
    • Selected as Young Global Leader (’11) by World Economic Forum.
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    Gautam Ivatury Co-Founder & Head-Product

    Serial Entrepreneur, Aspiring Pianist & Cryptocurrency Dabbler

    Director, MeraDoctor, Vaya Finserv Co-founder, Signal Point Partners Manager, CGAP Tech Program

    • CFO at SKS (’02-’03), first Indian MFI to IPO.
    • Founded CGAP (World Bank) digital finance program backed by Gates Foundation (’03-’08).
    • Chairperson, GSM Association's Mobile Money for the Unbanked Fund (’09-’11).
    • Co-founded Jipange KuSave, the 1st digital savings & lending business in Kenya (’09-’10).
    • Advised Microsoft, Visa, IBM, Safaricom, Orascom etc. on mobile in emerging markets.
    • Has been Advisor to the MIX, Accion Venture Lab, Encourage Capital.

Advisory Council

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    Mr M.V. Nair Advisor

    • Chairman, TransUnion CIBIL
    • Chairman, SWIFT India
    • Ex-Chairman, Indian Bankers Association
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    Mr Anil Sinha Advisor

    • Regional Head - IFC
    • Advisor, GIIN
    • Chairman, Strategic Advisory Board - Millennium Alliance
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    Mr Vinay Baijal Advisor

    • CGM, Reserve Bank of India (ret’d)
    • Member, Governing Board - MFIN
    • Senior Consultant, KPMG


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    Anil Gupta Partners

    Storyteller & party enthusiast, Anil know how to make it large

    “Work hard, Party Harder”

  • Less

    Anshul Khandelwal Technology

    Codes are Anshul’s first love, 2nd is food

    “This too shall pass”

  • Less

    Reena Sen Finance

    Avid reader, writer & a counsellor, Reena has solutions to any problem

    “What goes around come back around in many folds- Specially money ”

  • Less

    Josey Joseph People

    Born with a heart for all, Josey can’t stop serving the Society

    “Be good, do good”

  • Less

    Chandni Mehta Marketing

    Creative in her style, she does magic with people!

    “You’re the driver of your fate”

  • Less

    Ram Raut Analytics

    Explorer & adventurous, Ram can ride away to glory

    “If it’s easy, it’s not fun!”

  • Less

    Rohit Patil Operations

    A passionate musician & a glider, Rohit can binge watch sitcoms for decades

    “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”

  • Less

    Santhosh Embrandiri Risk

    Santhosh enjoys food at only 3 places; Here, There & Everywhere!

    “Risky is Whisky”

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    Abhishek Challa Engagement

    A zealous Indian vernacular learner, Abhishek applies his wit in almost all languages

    “I think therefore I am”


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